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[IP] kids needing a pump

Liz Mitchell <email @ redacted>
My three year old son, Tyler, was diagnosed with diabetes 4 months ago.  We
are in the process of deciding whether a pump is appropriate for him.  His
last A1C was 8.2, which thrilled the docs, but not us.  He runs high
postprandial (usually 250-370) after meals and is currently on two shots a
day with N and H.  I would love feedback about children on the pump.

------------------------------ the A1c of 9.2 is great. The docs will say he
is too young to have a pump but if you are going to manage it all day long
every day its a good idea.  talk to the pedatrician and discuss it with your
peds endo. In your kids life all of these things are relative to his age, his
stage of development, his intellect, a pump is not a requirement to manage
diabetes but a tool. true it is a powerful influence but in the right hands.
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