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[IP] double bubble (air in the infusion line)

Any tips or tricks related to air bubbles in the influsion line?

- has there been a email posting/thread on this?

- how to proactively minimize bubbles when changing the
  reservour and inf set(beyond the manuf. purge & prime specs).

- how to periodically look for them in the infusion line.
  (I presently hold the tube near --but not too close to-- a
  lamp  w/o disconnecting.  I see and purge 1-2 0.4U
  bubbles per resevoir/set change).

- how to purge them (I estimate the time when the bubble will
  arrive at the quick release for purge). (pump trainer
  glossed over this).

--- Jeff

(pump'in five weeks & doing ok-to-well)
(pump name: LEON for:  bg control Loop Open for Now-- must
close the bg feedback loop using my brain and many finger
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