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No Subject

"Medical care moves at a rapid pace. What you mandate tomorrow may not be the
standard next week," said Gene Farnum, executive director of the Michigan
Association of Health Plans. "What we object to is putting medical care and
treatment into legislation. If you mandate everything, no one can afford the
Rewritten this means:
We object to having to pay for that which  patients need no matter how deep
the need is.and not being able to yentz our way out of paying for it. the
product we are talking about has been treated properly for a number of years
and it is improbable that our complaints will change that. we don't really
care about how much it costs but it makes good psychobabble here.  Yentz is
hitting the administrator over the head with a pipe wrench
or committing some other act of forcing him to do something by creating great
body pain or harm to him.
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