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[IP] Disetronic H-tron FAQ Update

Disetronics has released a new FAQ regarding the safety, reliability and the 
warranty coverage for their H-tron and H-tron Plus insulin pumps.  I believe 
this will bring some clarification and will end speculation as to what may be 
expected from Disetronics.  

"What has changed about the H-TRON and H-TRONplus pumps?"  

"Answer: Only our instructions for use. Because our first concern is 
customer safety, we are recommending these pumps not be used in 
contact with water. A few pump wearers reported experiencing hypo-
glycemic episodes after swimming or bathing, and some sought medical 
attention. They also reported in such cases that their pump had allegedly 
delivered more insulin than was programmed. Analysis of the insulin pumps 
returned to us revealed that water had entered the pumps. The source of 
the water entry was determined to be cracks in the pump housing or other 
leaks where water was able to get into the electronic compartment. With 
the current recommendation to avoid water in mind, your H-TRON or H-
TRONplus pump will continue to deliver the same safe and effective insulin 
therapy as it has in the past."   

You can read the full FAQ at:


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