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Re: [IP] How often do you change your site?

> > There are set 
> > packets that are sold with 10 infusion sets and 5 tubes, just to give 
> > you and idea.
> > 
> > email @ redacted
> > 
> What kind of infusion sets come this way? I use the mm sof sets  QR
> and have to change the site and tubing together. is there a way I
> can change only the site without having 1/2 of the set left over??
Tender/Silohette/Comfort sets come this way if you ask when the order 
is placed. Otherwise they are usually shipped with a tube per set. 
The 10/5 packs are a little less $$ per set. 

My daughter changes her tube once a week more or less. Many pumpers 
have "lots" of extra tubes. There was once a thread that lasted a 
week or more about possible uses for excess tubes -- some suggestions 
were quite humorous :-) Everything from holding up flowers in the 
garden to some interesting night time recreation.

email @ redacted
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