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[IP] oops

        I missed or skimmed the original post, so maybe this is better as a
generic "IMO"......
but_ I_ would_ have_ to agree that a good portion of what is mailed here
could be better sent

1) to a chat room  OR
2) privately.

        There are dozens of folks subscribing each day. How many of those
quit because of 'too much mail'?
Only a few of those who_do_ quit appear to us onscreen (basically the folks
who send 'unsubscribe' to the wrong address).

 All of those folks, including me, who quit or are considering it, could
probably use the info and support here. And some like me, don't go about
newsgroups or brousers often ( ie..we strongly prefer to read as digests

Personally, and please don't flame, I am pretty tolerant, but the VOLUME of
mail is pretty overwealming.
I guess I'll shut up about it.

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