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Re: [IP] Goiter in kids

Well, i don't know too much about goiters in children, but when i went to to 
see my endo he said i had a goiter and checked my TSH level. I dont go back 
to see him until April 17th, but i asked me CDE about the test results and 
she said that it was at the low end of the scale but she didn't know if he 
would want to do anything about it yet, since it was still within normal 
range.  My endo did tell me some of the symptoms of hyperthyroid, first of 
all he said that if i did have hyperthryroid my blood sugars would never be 
under control, here are some symptoms of hyperthyroid; shakiness, hair loss, 
rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite, and weight loss. He also said that is not 
uncommon for Type1's to also have a thyroid problem. That's about all that I 
know about the subject. Sorry i couldn't be much more help.. Your daughters 
doctor should have ordered a TSH test immediately in my opinion. It is only a 
blood test...
Stephanie Olivieri
dxd 1994
pumping since TODAY!!!!YIPEE!!!
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