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Re: [IP] What do you do with a low?

On 28 Mar 2001, at 9:23, Tobias, Robert wrote:

> Hi.  I'm new to this list and hope you will forgive this rather basic
> question.  What do you do when they look down at their meter and see a "65"
> staring back at you?  

I rejoice!  

My endo & ob/gyn want me to get used to 65--even though I'm still 
having hypo *symptoms* below 70.  They want me to be between 
60 and 120 all the time everydayandeveryday.  To give baby the 
best chance to avoid problems.

I TRY not to treat a 65 as a hypo unless I'm getting ready for bed or 
preparing for activity (or in the middle of it).  But sometimes the 
hypo symptoms are just too much for me to handle.
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