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[IP] formula

Thanks for the formula!  So then would the reverse be
true too?  That is, to find the A1C you could take the
average bg and add 86 then divide by 33.3?  i.e.:

Avg. BG + 86 / 33.3 = A1C

(EU would add 4.72 to avg bg then divide by 1.82)

Of course this would only be as accurate as your
meter.  In our case, the Freestyle only gives a 14 day
average so we couldn't expound 3 months of data on the
outcome but it's better than nothing and good for the
interim between visits.  We'll be moving toward the
Ultra soon which has both a 14 and 30 day average.

Michael said:

Conversion from hbA1c to average bg's can be
accomplished with a 
straightforward formula

US units, avg bg = hbA1c*33.3 -86
EU units, avg bg = hbA1c*1.82-4.72


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