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[IP] hypothyroidism goiters in diabetic kids relations with your endo.

In a message dated 3/28/01 2:56:09 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>I just don't
>feel comfortable waiting two weeks to get some logs written to get him
>even order a TSH level and am thinking I ought to swing into action. Not
>being familiar with goiters and hyperthyroidism, 

I have and underactive thyroid. I had it as a child. It went away and now 
that I am older, it is back.
It is called Hashimoto's syndrome. It is a swolen thyroid.
I take Levoxyl (1/day on an empty stomach) upon awakening. Some take 
The symptoms vary/person, but may include tiredness, weight gain or loss, 
Every few months my endo does a blood test, and since I take the medicine, it 
is within the normal range.

If treated, it is not a problem.

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