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[IP] Re: I want to vent

>> Natalie, do you know where that phrase of all the
ducks in a row comes from?  It actually
>> comes from lining little ducks in a row so you
can shoot them.  That is so sad.

> Yeah, I know about (actually REMEMBER) the
shooting galleries with rows
> of metal ducks to shoot at.

> However, I don't think you could REALLY get LIVE
ducks to stand in a row
> long enough to shoot at them!!!

Although this may be a little off topic, ducklings
will follow there mommy in a nice straigt row,
making them easy for 'playful' kids to pick off with
bb guns, rocks or 22's.  This is where the arcades
got the idea.  They were mimicking what kids were
doing and giving prizes for the best ones at it.
The saying comes because you need to go in the
correct order (last first).  If you picked off mommy
first, all the rest would scatter.  A lot of things
that we think is innocent now, is derived from some
pretty bad things.

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