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Re: [IP] Goiter info

Moira C. McCarthy wrote:
> Lauren has had a goiter for going on three years now. Her TSH or is it THS
> is slowly creeping up. Last one was 4.82, with if I recall correctly, .7 to
> 5,0 being lab normal. But her endo said most people when "formally" dx with
> thyroid disease are up around 50.0 to 75.0.

I'm not so sure about waiting until the TSH is around 50.0 before
starting treatment. 

If the thyroid isn't functioning correctly (and in most Type 1's it's
another auto-immune disease), you feel sluggish, cold and without energy
-- why not take thyroid and feel energetic and healthy??

I went for many years with undiagnosed Hashimoto's thyroiditis (the
auto-immune kind) -- I just couldn't get warm, and certainly didn't want
to move!  I also gained some weight that I didn't need. Hypothyroidism
usually ISN'T the cause of severe obesity, but it can put on 10 or 15
lb. that wouldn't be there otherwise. 

I have a goiter -- definitely noticeable if you know what you're looking
at -- and can't tolerate turtlenecks or anything even remotely
constricting around the neck. 

Why wait until it progresses that far?????

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