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Re: [IP] Goiter in kids

Hi Betsy (my name is Betsy too)
when I was in the hospital getting diagnosed with diabetes (when I was 7 
years old in 1974) they saw that I had a goiter and I was also diagnosed 
with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. At that time I had to have a thyroid 
biopsy to get it diagnosed, but now the diagnosis can be made with blood 
tests alone. we were told that Hashimoto's was an autoimmune disorder like 
diabetes, where the body "kills off" it's own thyroid cells, and that 
diabetes and hashimoto's tend to go hand-in-hand.
  For me, the hypothyroid has been a very minor disease. I take a pill of 
replacement hormone every day. The biggest problem for me has been that it 
is such a minor problem compared to diabetes that I have a lot of trouble 
remembering to take that thyroid pill - and have ever since I was diagnosed 
- it doesn't feel as "important" as diabetes.

Sorry your endocrinologist experience was so frustrating.
- betsy
Betsy, age 34, Type 1 27 years, Disetronic 6 yrs, on third pregnancy with
pump and due in June.
email @ redacted
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