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Re: [IP] Re: A1cs vs mmol

>     I understand what you are talking about!  So I looked at my
>     chart and 
> found to my surprise that with a HA1c of 6.0, this represented an
> average blood glucose level of 6.0 mmol/L.  But as your HA1c moves
> up, you quickly move away from the correlation.  For example, with a
> HA1c of 8.0 the average blood sugar would be 10 mmol/L and with a
> HA1c of 11 (which my little girl had last November) the average
> blood sugar is a whopping 16 mmol/l , which is getting close to 300
> on the USA used scale.
>     Of course, all labs have slightly different normal  values. Hope
>     this helps!
Conversion from hbA1c to average bg's can be accomplished with a 
straightforward formula

US units, avg bg = hbA1c*33.3 -86
EU units, avg bg = hbA1c*1.82-4.72

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