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[IP] Your Attachment Style Can Affect Compliance
Your Attachment Style Can Affect Compliance 

A new study finds that some people with diabetes, who dislike their
physicians or have difficulty communicating openly with them, also tend to
be dismissive of treatment, reports the January 20, 2001 issue of Science
News. Further, "among these patients, those who generally avoid close
relationships and exalt self-reliance exhibit particular difficulty in
heeding the physician's directions and controlling their blood sugar
In contrast, reports the article, "self-treatment proceeds much more
smoothly for diabetic patients who are preoccupied with getting others'
approval in close relationships, who desire social contact but avoid it for
fear of rejection, or who are generally secure with intimate contact."

Research results were conducted by the University of Washington in Seattle
and reported in the January 2001 issue of American Journal of Psychiatry.

Researchers studied 367 patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and the link
between their participation in medical treatment and their attachment
styles. "Attachment theory" is based upon our early experiences with
caregivers and our "ingrained assumption about whether (we're) worthy of
care and whether others can be trusted to provide it."

According to study results, among the 78 patients with a dismissive
attachment style, "blood-glucose concentrations were markedly higher for
those who reported poor communication with their physician than for the
others. The same people proved less able to monitor their glucose
concentrations and keep their clinic appointments."

However, for the remaining patients who had a preoccupied, fearful, or
secure attachment style, "poor communication with their physician didn't
increase their problems in maintaining blood-glucose concentrations or
adhering to the recommended diabetes treatment."

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