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[IP] hypothyroidism goiters in diabetic kids relations with your endo.

---------------------significant% of rant cut by answerer of
Now the GOITER question...
I'll calm down and get over the rest of the mush, but meanwhile, I'm left
holding the bag of questions concerning kids and enlarged thyroids...Anybody
got any experience/ideas (I've already decided to axe the endo figuratively,
at least)...will start looking for a new doc in the morning. I just don't
feel comfortable waiting two weeks to get some logs written to get him to
even order a TSH level and am thinking I ought to swing into action. Not
being familiar with goiters and hyperthyroidism, I don't know if this all can
just wait to be dealt with...can I get out of overdrive and relax or do I
rush to the ER (just kidding...I assume it's not that urgent, or my family
will be living in the lap of luxury over the negligence of a former endo)...

Time to wind down...thanks for listening...
Betsy (mom of 11.75 yo Stephanie, dxd at 4.5 years, pumping 3 years today!)
- ----------------------------------------------------------
edited by spot[[
first of all none of this stuff is an emergency, yes tghere are nice ways to
say something to a parent. is this endo a peds endo. they learn how to talk to
rents, regular endo's do not. in fact most doctors do not learn how to
communicate with people. remember the premeds in clooage, all they did was
read when everyone else was learning social skills such as how to loosen up
and party they were learning how to make A+ in all their classes. So when we
complain about what social boobs they R keep this in mind. Besides how social
could you be armed with the knowledge of the Krebs Citric Acid Cycle at a
party. Or which metabolic disorders cause hyperammonemia in a newborn. or does
maple syrup disease make the urine taste good or bad?  Thyroid disease in
particular, Hashimoto's disease often accompanies iddm in kids. sometimes they
also get Hyperthyroidism. Stephanie is entering the phase of her life where
she wants everything to be as close to perfect s she can get it.  Goiters
usually accompany hypothyroisism hot uncommon in young woman. Maybe your endo
needs a reality check. there are patients connected to these diseases.
patients with lives and families who care about them. Often these kids are
difficult patients. their hormones raging and out of control. Its really tough
for a kid to have diabetes and then to have to admit I also have Hashimoto's
disease. maybe the endo needs to revisit those years. My doc wants to see my
written log and not a download of my meter too. Kids are kids they are not
used to being sick. they are indestructible.  telling a kid they have diabetes
is bad enough having an unsympathetic endo stinks.  spot
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