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[IP] Goiter info


Lauren has had a goiter for going on three years now. Her TSH or is it THS
is slowly creeping up. Last one was 4.82, with if I recall correctly, .7 to
5,0 being lab normal. But her endo said most people when "formally" dx with
thyroid disease are up around 50.0 to 75.0. Anyway, one in five people with
Type 1 develop this. Sounds like your child may as well. The good news is,
when it's time to treat it, it's a snap (so they tell me) -- something like
one or two pills a day, and that's it. Compared to the Diabetes Demon, this
is nothin'! For a good brief on it, check out the Merck's Medical Manual.
You can just go to a book store or library and look at it. We own it because
it is a great reference.

And one more thing: GET ANOTHER ENDO NOW! Let us know what part of the
country you are in -- someone here MUST be able to recommend someone.

Mom of Lauren, 9, the Pump Princess of Plymouth
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