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Re: [IP] Re: I want to vent

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"Seems like this site should be used for informational purposes and to trade
information----that is why I signed up two years ago.   With so many people
here now----we easily receive from 100-150 emails daily---with lots of them
being nonsense.  Just my opinion---but it would be nice if others  respected
our time!!"
And if robotic information is all that's needed, the Web option is good for
those who want no friendliness or real support.

Sometimes "Support" means being able to kibits around a little without being
told off. To try to 'censor' other folks for one or two short passages is a
bit OTT eh, what?

I'm not preggers, Not trying to seek out a pump, Don't have any young 'uns on
a pump or such, Have no site issues and don't have an issue with employers. Am
I going to tell others not to discuss these things? No.

These bits of banter actually lighten the mood of diabetes. If it is purely
clinical decimation of information one seeks, Go to JAMA or something...Or web

BYE :-)
Jenny Sutherland
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