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[IP] Re: French Fries and Carbs!

>fries? They are thicker than a McD's fry, a reg. old kind of fry...but
>any tricks for counting out there?  We are off every time!  And the fat
>comes back to haunt us a few hours later, like pizza.  Should I count
>per fry to


My usual method for anything potato-like is to use 40 g CHO per CUP of
potato-substance.  Estimate a cup as your wrist to the end of your fist,
or the size of a baseball.  So if you eat about a baseball worth of fries,
it's 40 g cho.

Now when you add fat into the equation -- which you certainly should with
restaurant fries (or anything restaurant for that matter) -- you want to
also add some long-term insulin.  I know some people on the list will give
half their bolus NOW and half the bolus as a square wave -- fat lasts for
around 8-12 hours, so I would square it for 8 hours.

Personally though I just increase my basal by 50% for 8 hours, and take
the bolus fully.  I find that works pretty well for me.

Good luck,
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