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Re: [IP] Glucowatch - My Feelings

Brian Mozisek wrote:
> I see the glucowatch as ideal for situations where someone suffers from
> hypoglycemic unawareness, but I don't think the glucowatch is fit for
> everyday wear.
> Brian Mozisek
> (cringes while waiting for the flames to start)

Hey, Brian, no flames!!!!  I agree with you totally! 

I really do agree that the Glucowatch would be a good idea for people
who are hypo unaware -- at least it gives SOME kind of warning system,
even if not 100%. If it prevents even one "crash-your-car" hypo, then
it's worth it!

It also might be good for catching those "sleep through" hypos -- but
not necessary to use it every single night, unless you're likely to wake
up in response to the alarm. If you don't wake up for the alarm, at
least you have a record of having had a hypo. 

Personally, I'm not planning on asking for one just yet -- I'm doing
fine as is. 

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