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[IP] Pumps and Meters

I just caught up on a weeks worth of digests.
Why are there so many people doing the " my pump/meter is better than
yours?" Please....stop. A few months ago the Mini Med was the pump sent from
hell due to the static electricity problem et.al. Now the Disetronic Co. is
being slammed for a technical problem. These are machines. There will be
manufacturing glitches, promotion glitches, user abuses and reps that drive
you crazy. The pumps are there to give Diabetics a better life, which they

We chose the machines that have the features that serve our lives the best.
Every Diabetic will have a different reason for choosing the technical
support they do. Each pump is wonderful...it is saving a life and serving a

Sara's life would be so different if not for the Disetronic pump and her
Freestyle meter. They each have features that make them the best choices for
her and we are very happy with these choices. There are many on this list
that I would recommend the MM to. An older or sight impaired Diabetic would
love to hear the little clicks of the MM delivering insulin...music to their
ears...but a total embarrassment to a 14 year girl and a distraction to the
teachers in her classes. The Disetronic has the second back-up pump right at
home with you. If you have a child playing sports or on the school
playground every day the extra pump will be necessary some day, guaranteed.
The smaller size of the MM must be great for every women trying to find
places to hook the pump on her business suit unobtrusively.

The Freestyle meter maybe undesirable to some, but to kids the delight of
painless sticks are too great to resist. Or Sara, who checks BG every 30
minutes during tough competition, it is a blessing. Since starting with the
Freestyle we have not had one episode of sobbing "I can't do this anymore,
my fingers hurt so bad."  To a parent that is heart breaking and a child a
daily torture.

So let's keep the comments constructive and helpful please. And remember,
one man's negative is another man's positive. I won't abuse your choices,
please don't abuse others.
Pam, mom to Sara 14, pumping 2.5
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