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Re: [IP] Goiter in kids

email @ redacted wrote:
> Now the GOITER question... (snip)
>can I get out of overdrive and relax or do I
> rush to the ER (just kidding...I assume it's not that urgent, or my family
> will be living in the lap of luxury over the negligence of a former endo)...

If she's got a goiter, there's SOMETHING going on, but who knows what!
HypOthyroidism doesn't usually lead to an immediate crisis, but
HypERthyroidism can (not always, so don't panic!), and BOTH can manifest
as a goiter, so I think she needs a TSH sooner rather than later.

Do you have a family doc? A GP can order a TSH test -- it's not
expensive at all -- and based on the results, give you guidance on what
to do next.

Most thyroid disorders are very treatable, and I think it would really
put your mind at ease to get some answers. So I hope you have another
doc you can go to, and soon, to order the test!

Good luck! 
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