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[IP] Re: A1cs vs mmol

    I understand what you are talking about!  So I looked at my chart and 
found to my surprise that with a HA1c of 6.0, this represented an average 
blood glucose level of 6.0 mmol/L.  But as your HA1c moves up, you quickly 
move away from the correlation.  For example, with a HA1c of 8.0 the average 
blood sugar would be 10 mmol/L and with a HA1c of 11 (which my little girl 
had last November) the average blood sugar is a whopping 16 mmol/l , which is 
getting close to 300 on the USA used scale.
    Of course, all labs have slightly different normal  values.
    Hope this helps!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, whose pump arrived today--the blue H-tron is much 
prettier in person than in its photos.  
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