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[IP] Goiter in kids

First the RANT...
Just got home from our first visit with Steph's new endo, and am kind of 
shell shocked. The guy asks very few questions, refused to download her 
meters (we forgot to take the written logbook...so he said come back in two 
weeks with detailed logs so we have something to talk about) ignores comments 
that the child is throwing up at least 3-4 times a day due to some digestive 
issues (probably GERD and irritable bowel syndrome simultaneously...she's 
under the care of a gastroenterologist for that)...tells me I don't know 
anything about diabetes (we've been at this for 7 years...today is Steph's 
3rd "pumpiversary) and will have to start at square one with his educator, 
nutritionist, etc. and that he's not at all happy with her A1c of 8.2 (which 
I know is not great, but sure beats the heck out of the last one which was 
9.5 and isn't all that awful considering the throwing up and adolescence 
thrown in the mix). Then he throws in that she has a goiter...it's 3 times 
normal... and leaves the room (unbeknownst to us at that point, he's not 
coming back!)

Now the GOITER question...
I'll calm down and get over the rest of the mush, but meanwhile, I'm left 
holding the bag of questions concerning kids and enlarged thyroids...Anybody 
got any experience/ideas (I've already decided to axe the endo figuratively, 
at least)...will start looking for a new doc in the morning. I just don't 
feel comfortable waiting two weeks to get some logs written to get him to 
even order a TSH level and am thinking I ought to swing into action. Not 
being familiar with goiters and hyperthyroidism, I don't know if this all can 
just wait to be dealt with...can I get out of overdrive and relax or do I 
rush to the ER (just kidding...I assume it's not that urgent, or my family 
will be living in the lap of luxury over the negligence of a former endo)...

Time to wind down...thanks for listening...
Betsy (mom of 11.75 yo Stephanie, dxd at 4.5 years, pumping 3 years today!)
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