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[IP] Re:Pregnant Pumpers at Work


I too, had a boss that had a very similar attitude--she also put her
hands up whenever I tried to discuss my diabetes, and told me it made her
sick to think about it (gee, I'm so sorry was what I was thinking). I did
find out her father had Type II, and possibly some complications, and she
was in some strong denial. She also was hesitant about sending me away on
jobs alone for fear that 'something would happen and I'd pass out'. For
this, and many other reasons, I left the job. But, I did find a few
things helped.

1. Keep a log book, as Diane stated. Her ideas on this are excellent. 

2. Talk to ADA--they have lawyers who can advise you on what are your
rights here. 

3. I found that talking to the entire office helped. I asked for some
time during a staff meeting twice: once, when I was hired, to explain my
diabetes, and once when I was put on the pump. Although my boss didn't
like it, at least everyone heard my explanation. That way, when she (the
boss) said something incorrect about my diabetes in front of others, they
could correct her as well, taking some heat off of me. It also helped at
times when I was low, when my officemates understood and she didn't. 

4. I started going to a counselor b/c this (and other problems with this
boss) were causing me so much frustration. The counselor helped me put
things into perspective more, and helped the frustration roll off my back

I hope this helps somewhat. It is incredibly frustrating, and know that
others have been there. Feel free to email me offline and vent some if it

Maureen M.

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