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[IP] HbA1c & mmol vs mgdl

Ingrid wrote:
> HbA1c is not measured in mmol/l, but in % of glucosylated hemoglobin. An
> HbA1c of 6 does not mean an average BG of 6mmol/l. My experience is that
> average in mmol/l is around 7 (126) if the HbA1c is 6%. But the HbA1cs wil
> be now good to tell how good controlled one's diabetes is. Lots of hypos
> would make "perfect" HbA1c numbers. It wont reveal the strainous BG swings
> many people have to deal with. The HbA1c only gives a hint of the risk of
> developing complications.

YEAH - that's what I meant. THANKS!!! As far as which *system* is best, some
meters can be read either value. Therefore, I believe it is the same result,
just a diff. number. Which is best, 16 oz or 1# ? Same thing. (~_^)

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