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Re: [IP] Frozen shoulder and elbow pain

Susan Hedger wrote:
> Now I've developed a constantly
> sore elbow in the other arm (the one that took over all the "mousing"
> duties). The elbow itself hurts to touch and my arm aches constantly
> from the elbow to the wrist, whether in motion or at rest.

I got the same systems in my "mousing" elbow. It's apparently
tendinitis, or "Tennis Elbow".

What helped me was to re-engineer my mousing technique -- previously I
was "straight-arming" the mouse, generating the motion from my shoulder
and keeping my elbow stiff and in the air.  

Nowadays, I make sure to bend my elbow to about 600  and to rest my
forearm on the surface of the desk if possible. This takes part of the
movement off the elbow and shoulder, and onto the wrist, which is much
more flexible!

The pain has TOTALLY gone away -- I would say it's healed 100%. You
could try seeing if mouse techniques might be part of your problem, but
also remember YMMV, OK?? 
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