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Re: [IP] cystic fibrosis

Brian wrote:
> At 05:46 PM 3/27/01, you wrote:
> >BTW what is this i hear they tell diabetics there children will have cf??
> I am not sure about others on the list but I take care of allot of CFers,
> but have not had one CF diabetic yet.

If people with cystic fibrosis live long enough, insulin-dependent
diabetes is a very common complication. The reason is that they have a
genetic defect which interferes with chloride metabolism, and the two
organs most badly affected by it are the pancreas and the lungs. 

The catch is, if they live long enough. It used to be that a child with
cystic fibrosis could PLAN on not surviving to adulthood; nowadays,
because of better lung treatments,  some people are surviving into their
20's and 30's, but it's still a daily battle with death. 

That said, there is no connection between CF and auto-immune Type 1
diabetes. The genetics are completely different. Which is not to say
that someone couldn't be unlucky enough to have both sets of genes, but
at any rate, they aren't inherited together and don't run in the same
families in general.

When I look at all the horrible genetic diseases out there, CF is NOT on
the top of my list of what to have!!!!  It's really ugly. If you want to
get a picture of what severe CF is like, read "Alex" by Frank DeFord. 

It makes you count your blessings -- even if life isn't perfect, at
least it's LIFE!! 
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