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Re: [IP] Frozen shoulder and elbow pain

> Eventually the pain lessened and I regained about 70% of my shoulder
> mobility, but not all of it returned. Now I've developed a
> constantly sore elbow in the other arm (the one that took over all
> the "mousing" duties). The elbow itself hurts to touch and my arm
> aches constantly from the elbow to the wrist, whether in motion or
> at rest. I go to see my doctor/gp on thursday and hope he can offer
> me more help than I got with the frozen shoulder. Has anyone else
> suffered from joint problems? If so, were you successful in fixing
> them? Or is this just one more condition we're more prone to?

Good physical therapy should be able to restore 90-95% mobility in 
the "bad" arm. I've had it in both sholders -- 1 went away 
spontaneously, the other took 15 months of PT and 3 cortizone shots. 
There are more aggressive treatments than that too. They can "put you 
under" and break away the adhesions. You would be sore and probably 
require some cortizone as well, but you should get your mobility 
back. BTW, I don't have diabetes my daughter does. I would guess the 
elbow pain is RSS, unrelated to the frozen shoulder. There are docs 
that deal with that, but they are few and far between. The 
ergometrics of your work space can probably be tweaked to eliminate 
most of the problem. RSS will agravate frozen sholder, but I doubt 
(don't know) that it is the cause.

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