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[IP] Frozen shoulder and elbow pain

I developed a frozen shoulder about 2 yrs ago from too much computer
work. I figured it was due to 7hrs/day "mousing" away at my computer
job. I switched mousing arms to alleviate some of the pain...but went
thru hell for about 7 months. Took pain killers, anti inflammatories,
physio therapy, electro stimulation and was constantly attached to a
heating pad. 

Eventually the pain lessened and I regained about 70% of my shoulder
mobility, but not all of it returned. Now I've developed a constantly
sore elbow in the other arm (the one that took over all the "mousing"
duties). The elbow itself hurts to touch and my arm aches constantly
from the elbow to the wrist, whether in motion or at rest. I go to see
my doctor/gp on thursday and hope he can offer me more help than I got
with the frozen shoulder.
Has anyone else suffered from joint problems? If so, were you successful
in fixing them? Or is this just one more condition we're more prone to?

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