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[IP] Re:fasttake strips

My hubby Shane just started with his new Ultra. He used to have the
Fasttake and loved it. He loves the Ultra too now. They are the same
size, same carrying case, (basically) the same pokie - just different
colors. The lancets are not "identical" but pretty close. Same with the
strips. The Ultra has both the 14 and 30 day average, which Shane liked
on his profile and missed the 30day average with the Fasttake. Also if
you are downloading to the computer with the Fasttake you are all set to
download to the Ultra, except you no longer need that little adapter
box, just the cable. If your son likes his Fasttake he will probably be
very happy with his Ultra too - even less blood, even faster results. A
couple of people here have had some problems getting "reliable" results
from their Ultras, but so far Shane's has been within 1 point of his
results from the Fasttake when we compare!

>Hi!  just curious, compared to the Fast Take, is the Ultra larger or
>smaller in size? Does it have any other features that the Fast Take
>doesn't have? Lifescan is sending us a Ultra, too, because of the
>problems we are still having finding strips. My son really likes his Fast
>Take, so not too sure if he is going to be happy with this change! Maybe
>it will only have to be temporary??!
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