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Re: [IP] Pregnant Pumpers at work

> Michael,
> Thanks for your positive approach on this.  I tried to talk with my
> boss one on one with her.  I too thought it would be a great time to
> educate her on the disease.  As soon as I started talking she
> through her hands up and said "WHATEVER".  Its like talking to a
> wall.  Maybe we could think of something else that might work. Mel

How about a planned seminar/info session for anyone interested in the 
company cafeteria, break room -- whatever. Where you tell them what 
diabetes is all about, how your pump works, give them all a chance to 
ask the questions they want to but are embarassed to bring up.

Just pass out a notice to everyone that at such and such a time you 
will host a short presentation and Q&A session on diabetes, pumping 
and pregnancy.

There's more than one way to skin a cat :-)

heh... heh... bet you even get a few comments like "well my great 
Aunt Flo had diabetes and....."

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