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[IP] New Animas Features

I received my new Animas pump last week - after my current one alarmed at
1:30 in the morning, acted very strange and reset the date and time to
January 2000.  The new features of the Animas are amazing, some of which I
think many people will be happy with:

Expanded range of basal to a minimum of .05 U/hr and a max of 9.9
U/hr.(not that Ill ever be taking 9.9 U/hr, but at least the option is

This is the best one:  expanded range of bolus to 24.5 Units!!!!  Great
for a pregnant lady whose insulin requirements have gone up. Almost every
bolus is over 9.5 units now.

Ability to enable normal, extended and audio bolus at the same time.

There is a basal rate calculator - it tells how many units will be
delivered for a given program.

You can edit an active program by putting pump into suspend mode.

Shows past 255 alarms instead of past 8 alarms.

Shows past 255 bolus amounts, including a code for bolus type (N for
normal, E for extended, A for audio).

The alarm will beep for 2 minutes before going into the Sweep alarm
(instead of 20 seconds!!)  Woo Hoo!!

Thought you all might be interested,

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