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[IP] Re:fasttake strips

Hi!  just curious, compared to the Fast Take, is the Ultra larger or
smaller in size? Does it have any other features that the Fast Take
doesn't have? Lifescan is sending us a Ultra, too, because of the
problems we are still having finding strips. My son really likes his Fast
Take, so not too sure if he is going to be happy with this change! Maybe
it will only have to be temporary??!

(mom to Justin 15y/o - pumping as of 8/2/00)


Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 05:16:05 -0900
From: Mark and Debbie Saddler <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re:fasttake strips

 My friend who's two girls have D ran into this problem and was only able
to get one bottle of strips at a time from the pharmacy.  What a pain! 
Our local CDE told her to call Lifescan and ask for the new Ultra meter
for each girl.  She did...just had to explain about trouble getting
strips.  Sure enough, she had two new Ultra meters in just a few days --
and we live in Alaska!  By the way, the Ultra is awsome!
Debbie, mom to Katie, 10
Dx'd 9/97, pumping since 8/99

well today it happened to me for the first time. unavailable strips at my

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