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Re: [IP] Glucowatch - My Feelings

Er, Brian,

You won't see much "flaming" with this group.  There is an official "live
and let live" policy.

Now as for the Glucowatch, I agree that it is far less than perfect.  I
don't see myself getting this model either.

But;;; the first pumps were not so hot either.  Minimed even had an
implanted pump that they had to recall. People had to get them cut out

My point is.... this is the first generation watch and the devices will get

Most of the posts about the watch have been concerned with  it being more
convenient or less painful than fingersticking. There is another benefit,
however, that we have not talked about....it is bloodless.

As I read the posts in this group about blood testing, especially the ones
concerning schools and children, it dawned on me that due to HIV... blood is
considered a hazardous waste. People have good reason to be afraid of
contacting it.

The development of bloodless testing  systems is in our interest for that
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