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Re: [IP] Pregnant Pumpers at work

Thanks for your positive approach on this.  I tried to talk with my boss one on one with her.  I too thought it would be a great time to educate her on the disease.  As soon as I started talking she through her hands up and said "WHATEVER".  Its like talking to a wall.  
Maybe we could think of something else that might work.

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From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 12:45:28 -0800

>> On 27 Mar 2001, at 10:03, Adam Howell wrote:
>> <snipsnip>
>> > She just tells everyone that my
>> > diabetes is "very bad" because I have to wear a pump.  I am
>> > getting tired of her comments and I doubt I will be able to keep
>> > my mouth closd about it much longer.  :)  I have tried to educate
>> > her on the disease but she is not interested.  She just
>> > "whatever"s me and walks away.  
>> <snipsnip>
>> > One of the girls was hired a month after us just
>> > because we needed extra help.  Now, all of a sudden, she was hired
>> > to "watch over me".  I don't know how to handle this situation
>> > thats why I posted just to see if anyone else has been through
>> > anything like this in the workplace. 
>> This is sounding worse and more worse (worser and worser?).  I'd be
>> highly offended at this point!  "Hostile environment" is definitely
>> what it's sounding like to me!
>Rather than consider it hostile, consider it an opportunity to 
>educate. Clearly there is concern for your welfare even if the 
>concerns are a little wrong headed. I would take it as an open 
>invitation to educate everyone in the workplace about diabetes, it's 
>management and how insulin pumps help with that -- particularly in 
>light of the fact that you are pregnant. Just think how much more 
>fun (NOT) it would be on MDI.
>You might try approaching the boss privately and explaining how it 
>really all works and offer (politely demand :-) to bring your 
>co-workers up to speed so they don't have to worry about you except 
>in the most dire circumstances, etc...
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