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Re: [IP] Is this discrimination?

How about stepping back just a little . . .

Are you carrying out your job to your satisfaction? To your boss'
satisfaction? Are your performance reviews acceptable to you? To your boss?

Is this "keep track of you" person getting in your way? Preventing you from
doing your job? Doing your job for you? Does she have actual input that
appears in and affects your performance reviews?

If you are doing your job and if you like your job, why let your boss and her
attitude affect you and how you do your job? All of us know at least one old
dog who won't/can't learn new tricks.

If you've made calm, cool and collected efforts to educate your boss about the
reality of your health situation, and she continues to ignore what you say,
how you manage your diabetes in the office, and its lack of impact on your
work and the office environment, then write it up to her hangup.

If, on the other hand, her attitude and her efforts to protect you and her
from your "terrible condition" are having a direct and harmful impact on you,
your job performance, your salary, and the office environment, then it's time
to decide if you want to fight to change her attitude.

Do you want to begin gathering evidence about how her attitude is harmful to
you and to the office? Are you ready to ask your coworkers to provide evidence
of how she's asked them to compensate for your condition? Do you think they'll
help? Are you really ready to say to the appropriate person that it's a "this
office ain't big enough for both of us" situation when it becomes crystal
clear that your boss can't/won't adjust to the reality of your health

Or, can you find ways to laugh it off? Gently and humorously point of the
silliness, stupidity (Be very careful here!!) and ignorance (Here too!) of her

Or, if you're a very upfront person, can you decide that you're going to
challenge EVERYTHING she says and does that is out of line, in error, and just
plain bothering you EVERYTIME?

Keep a  log of what she does and says / with dates, times and people present
who heard and saw the events. And don't keep a secret of what you're doing.
Every time make a commment about "Here's another entry in my little black

If/when she asks why/what you're doing, level with her. Tell her you find her
attitude about your diabetes worrisome, and you're trying to decide how big
the problem is and if you need to do something about it.

You may decide after a few weeks or months that there is enough evidence to
press the issue with her boss. You may also see that it happens only/mostly
when she's under stress, in which case you need to decide if you want to cut
her some slack. Or maybe it happens only/mostly when you're under stress, in
which case you might want to develop some coping mechanisms. Or maybe you find
that some days it bothers you and some days it doesn't. Figure out what's

Or you may decide that it's one of those molehills that we all encounter every
now and then. Just another skin thickening experience.

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