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Re: [IP] Pregnant Pumpers at work

> On 27 Mar 2001, at 10:03, Adam Howell wrote:
> <snipsnip>
> > She just tells everyone that my
> > diabetes is "very bad" because I have to wear a pump.  I am
> > getting tired of her comments and I doubt I will be able to keep
> > my mouth closd about it much longer.  :)  I have tried to educate
> > her on the disease but she is not interested.  She just
> > "whatever"s me and walks away.  
> <snipsnip>
> > One of the girls was hired a month after us just
> > because we needed extra help.  Now, all of a sudden, she was hired
> > to "watch over me".  I don't know how to handle this situation
> > thats why I posted just to see if anyone else has been through
> > anything like this in the workplace. 
> This is sounding worse and more worse (worser and worser?).  I'd be
> highly offended at this point!  "Hostile environment" is definitely
> what it's sounding like to me!

Rather than consider it hostile, consider it an opportunity to 
educate. Clearly there is concern for your welfare even if the 
concerns are a little wrong headed. I would take it as an open 
invitation to educate everyone in the workplace about diabetes, it's 
management and how insulin pumps help with that -- particularly in 
light of the fact that you are pregnant. Just think how much more 
fun (NOT) it would be on MDI.

You might try approaching the boss privately and explaining how it 
really all works and offer (politely demand :-) to bring your 
co-workers up to speed so they don't have to worry about you except 
in the most dire circumstances, etc...

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