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Re: [IP] mg/dl vs mmol

HbA1c is not measured in mmol/l, but in % of glucosylated hemoglobin. An 
HbA1c of 6 does not mean an average BG of 6mmol/l. My experience is that 
average in mmol/l is around 7 (126) if the HbA1c is 6%. But the HbA1cs wil 
be now good to tell how good controlled one's diabetes is. Lots of hypos 
would make "perfect" HbA1c numbers. It wont reveal the strainous BG swings 
many people have to deal with. The HbA1c only gives a hint of the risk of 
developing complications.

btw: This mg/dl system contra mmol/l - What do you think about it? I'm not 
uset to mg/dl, so I think it is a bit comfusing (even if I know how to 
convert mmol/l to mg/dl.) Do you think the one system is better or more 
acurate than th other?

Norwegian DX 96, pump 12/2000
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