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RE: [IP] Glucowatch - My Feelings

Regarding Jim, Kathy and Brian's thoughtful comments regarding the
Glucowatch - One thing we should consider is that individuals may choose
not to wear the thing all-day every day. In my case, I know I have fairly
predictable periods during each day when I'm in the target range. Maybe I
could use the watch during a 12-hour stretch of the day that includes
periods when I'm least sure. After a few weeks, maybe I could use the
information it and my meter gives me to better adjust basal levels. I also
imagine using it in this way to better track where my readings go on
weekends. Intermittent use may also reduce the skin irritation that's been
reported--I don't know. I reckon intermittent use would reduce the expense
of patches and batteries, though. The initial cost ($400?) seems pretty low
for the watch itself, considering it's a medical device employing a new
technology.  If it can accurately warn of sharp BG rises and falls, that's
a pretty good trade-off. Even if we do end up with a bit of a rash.
So, it's a new tool against a crafty opponent. Like the other weapons,
we'll have to adapt to it, and it will still rely on a certain amount of
brain power to be most effective.

P.S.: Full disclosure: My endo, Steven Clement, was on the panel that
recommended approval of the Glucowatch to the FDA. He also oversaw a trial
of oral insulin in which I participated last fall. I was on a low dosage,
but the pills still managed to temper my BG rise after I went off IV
insulin and had breakfast. Everyone was very excited. This method of
delivery works better than sub-Q because it's controlled by the liver
--e.g., less chance of hypos. Don't quote me on this, but I think what it
means for Type 1s is: Pills instead of bolusing + use of a pump or 2
injections/day for basal insulin = tight control, better delivery, fewer
hypos. Hey, maybe longer site life for us pumpers, too? Just speculation...

(Who still hasn't thanked all the people who responded to his "Cranky hypo
guy scares girlfriend" post months and months ago. Mia and I greatly
appreciated your advice and consolation. Thanks everyone!)
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