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Re: [IP] Re: I want to vent

email @ redacted wrote:
> why is it when you are a kid, and your diabetes goes wrong it is "your
> parents fault" but when your an adult it is "your fault". It is never the
> doctors fault for not giving us information or the right care. It is always
> someone elses fault isnt it. HUH!

Well, it isn't the doctor's fault, either. It's NO ONE's fault. We just
drew those genes in the lottery of conception, and something in the
environment beyond our control encouraged the expression of those genes. 

Fault is one concept that doesn't belong in diabetes AT ALL. And
especially not for Type 2's who are so liberally blamed by the media and
popular press -- no one CHOOSES to get  this disease!!!!

Highly opinionated (and right, too!!!)
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