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Re: [IP] Glucowatch - My Feelings


  I want to thank you for being the devil's advocate on this situation.  
Although I am one of those that is truly excited about this device I am more 
excited over the POSSABILITIES for the future of this device.  Of course this 
first edition is not all that it is cracked up  to be!!  No one expects it 
to, any more than people would jump to the chance to wear that first 
back-pack style pump, what's its name, Jan??  But the future holds GREAT 
possabilities for a device like this getting refined into something that I 
would consider for my young son!!!  That is what I see in this device.  I 
also see it as something he would only wear during the daytime for better 
control possabilities and a good warning for highs and lows while at school 
or playing with friends when he isn't paying attention. Even if it isn't 
quite accurate it would be better than having him drop out or go so high he 
get KTs..

  Meanwhile I also get excited over the prspect of the closed loop system 
that everyone is working on.  Granted I won't jump at the chance for Josh to 
wear a FIRST EDITION unit.  I think that is why these companies do not make 
these things available for the kids until all of the bugs have been worked 
out!  And for that I am truly grateful.

  Meanwhile, don't ever be afraid to speak your mind, positive or negative in 
this family!  That is what it is all about!!!  Individuals and THEIR 

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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