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Re: [IP] Vacation Help

Meha Harthill wrote:

> >*Does anybody know Mini-med policy  (if for some
> >reason my pump breaks,) what they will do?
> I don't know their policy by I was in India and had a minor error problem,
> they talked me through it. The 800 number does not work from outside the
> states, but they also answer their toll number 24/7.

If you know you will be going somewhere where there is no local MiniMed
support, then you can ask for a loaner back-up pump to take with you. It
will be an older model (I got 506's when I went to Eastern Europe and
China), but certainly better than trying to get insulin and syringes in
a country where you don't know the language!!!!

MiniMed will send you the loaner a week or so before you're scheduled to
go, and then you have to send it back when you come home -- they are
very specific that if it's not returned, you will owe them the full
price of the pump. I think that's because some people apparently have
claimed that it was lost or stolen in order to get a back up pump for
free! (Dishonest, to say the least!)

The pump arrives with fresh batteries, and in operating mode; you can
set the basals in advance just in case, or you can leave it at zero -- I
set the basals in advance and then couldn't figure out where the beeping
was coming from in the middle of the night -- my roommate was MOST
annoyed with me! The trusty little pump was telling me it was out of
insulin -- the arms of the drive had gone all the way to the bottom! If
you choose not to set the basals in advance (i.e., if you're smarter
than me!!), you should have them written on a paper which you pack along
with the back-up. 

Good luck!
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