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[IP] Pregnant Pumpers at work

> "Sherry,
> I don't have your original post on this, but I did not see it as
> discrimination. I don't *think* you are new at this job, but you are pg and
> have mentioned about the tiredness and BGs swinging. Perhaps the boss is
> covering his/her tracks since we are such a litigiuos society. *IF* something
> happened to you at work (are you the stair climber, too?) he/she could be
> brought up on charges that there was no foresight in your *condition*. I think
> as someone else said, be flattered that there is concern for your welfare.
> There are NO guarantees nothing will happen and if this is just since you are
> *growing* baby Zilla, it was a proper gesture on your boss's behalf.
> Was this person hired strictly as your *shadow* or as a useful employee and
> will not be let go when Zilla arrives? Does this person follow you everywhere,
> or just aware of a possible scenario? YOMV (Your Opinion May Vary) (~_^)"

I know I talk so much that I sometimes seem like the only pregnant lady here,
but this actually wasn't me this time.  I think it was Mel?
When I first started having trouble at work with hypos last year when I was
trying different humalog doses on MDI, I was lucky to even have someone stay
in the office while I ate.  One day I had a low so bad I got confused and
wandered the hall for about twenty minutes.  I kept passing the break room
where my lunch was  (I guess I completely forgot there was candy in my purse
too). But anyway, while this was going on, my coworker just left the office
and went to a meeting.  I had talked to her just a week before about what was
going on with me, but I guess she just didn't realize how serious it was.
When she got back and I asked her about leaving me like that, she said, "Oh, I
thought you were acting funny because you wouldn't answer me when I asked you
questions."  I'm glad I did finally come out of the fog enough to eat before I
fell down the stairs or just collapsed somewhere.
Anyway, I see how Mel was offended that her boss thought she needed a
babysitter.  It probably made her feel less than adult.  But I gotta say it
does help if you have someone who either cares enough or is intelligent enough
to notice if you are having problems.  But I think that's just being a good

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY

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