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[IP] RE: mmol/l & mg/dl - Was Blood is 11!?!?

>If the writer was using the millimoles notation, instead of the USA's
>mg/dl, then 11 mmol would convert to roughly 198 mg/dl.
>We US citizens apparently seem to feel like we have to be
>different, so we use the the mg/dl.  :-)  (The one time we
>consistently use some form of a metric system, that's when the
>rest of the world changes the rules on us!  :-D)

Actually the USA is not alone in using mg/dl.  The world is pretty much
split.  Some examples, I believe, are:
Scandinavia, South Africa, UK, & Canada use mmol/l (SI or Systeme
International Units)
The USA, France, Germany, (most of Europe) & Israel use mg/dl (Conventional
And as you indicate both methods are metric.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998
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