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[IP] 0.5 unit increment pens, syringes

    I had read that BD made an insulin pen that did half units and wanted to
get one to use with my daughter.  I tried the pharmacy and they had never
heard of it, but I knew it existed and had even seen a poster for it.  So I
phoned our CDE and she told me that they were no longer in production, but BD
had a stock of them to release only to those who really require this and that
she could get me one.  Well, I wasn't positive that we needed the 0.5 units
anymore, Claire is now 6 and mostly uses full units, so I didn't order one.

I don't know if the situation is different in the USA.
bd makes anything you want, they came to do good and stayed to do well.
theyare a very responsive company. tell them what you want and they will make
it to order if it hasFDA clearance. of course the special order items are not
cheap. G-d only knows what kind of stuff BD has in its basements. Now that
they moved I guess the stuff is less interesting than a few years ago.
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