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[IP] Glucowatch - My Feelings


This is by no means a flame.  You shared your feelings about the Glucowatch.
I'm sure your concerns are very valid.  But you have to remember that this
is the first attempt at something of this nature.  If you look back over
time, the blood sugar machines weren't very good either.  The first one my
doctor used on me was not digital.  It had to be calibrated every single
time.  Then it only gave a "range" your blood sugar was in where this arm
swung back and forth until finally resting on some range.

The first one I had also had to be calibrated every single time.  You had to
put blood on the strip and then "wash" the blood off at a certain time and
then put it into the machine.  You had to be careful not to wash too little
or too much.

But the attempt was made and the machines rapidly improved.  I would think
the Glucowatch will be the same way.  We can only be optimistic and in time
they will learn how to make it become a more useful tool.  I imagine over
time it would probably get smaller too, just as blood sugar machines and
pump's have.

Kathy G.
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