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Re: [IP] Re: I want to vent

In a message dated 3/26/01 3:26:52 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< why is it when you are a kid, and your diabetes goes wrong it is "your 
 parents fault" but when your an adult it is "your fault". It is never the 
 doctors fault for not giving us information or the right care. It is always 
 someone elses fault isnt it. HUH! >>

I hate to tell you this but, as an adult, it's your responsibilty to find out 
all you can about how to take care of yourself. It's nobody else's 
responsibility to take you by the hand and give you all of life's 
instructions. If somebody does not hand you what you believe you need, it is 
your responsibility to ask for help. Then it is your responsibility to weed 
out the useful from the useless and the correct from the incorrect in the 
advice that you receive.

This is most important when you have a chronic disease such as diabetes. 
Failure to take responsibility for yourself by learning all that you can so 
that you can take care of *yourself* can lead to a diminished lifestyle, as 
well as a shortened life.

Jan and Elvis
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