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[IP] Glucowatch - My Feelings

WARNING: Below is my feelings on the glucowatch. It is negative in respect
towards the glucowatch.  While I believe that the glucowatch is a step in
the right direction, I don't believe it deserves all of the glowing praise I
have seen in the media and in this news group. It is intended to vent some
frustration that I have and is not intended to insult anyone.   Remember
YMMV.  This is just my feelings that I needed to get out.  This isn't
intended to be a flame and please don't flame me for my opinions.

While I am just like everyone else and want an easier to test my glucose
then multiple fingerpricks each day, I don't think the glucowatch is the way
for ME to go.

First of all,  I can't stand wearing a small watch on my wrist, The size of
the glucowatch is just too big for me to wear continuously.

Second, The three hour warm up period is a joke.  Reading the FDA news
release, the glucowatch must warm up for three hours whenever you replace
the sensor. At the end of the warm up period, you calibrate it by inputting
your current blood sugar obtained through a finger stick.  The glucowatch
will then record glucose values every 20 minutes for the next 12 hours.  So
if I plan on going to sleep a 10:00pm I must remember to put the sensor in
at 7:00pm.  Then in order to maximize the cost-effectiveness, I will wear it
until 10:00am the next morning.  At which time I will replace the sensor,
and it will be ready at 1:00pm and will last until 1:00am.  So it is not
cost effective to wear it continuously.  It would be great to wear it
overnight to catch hypo's in the sleep, but not really at other times.

Third, The FDA news release stated that mild to moderate skin irritation
occurs in at least 50% of the patients in the clinical test.  I, for one,
would rather deal with the instantaneous fingerprick irritation versus a
continuous skin irritation caused by the glucowatch.

Fourth,  The FDA news release stated that the glucowatch differed by 30% in
25% of the test that were taken. And the glucowatch won't work at all if the
arm is too sweaty.  It also states that insulin dosages (read boluses)
should not be done on the results of glucowatch only.  In short, it is not
designed to replace finger pricks only to supplement them. Say you the
glucowatch says that you BG is 150. but it is off by 30%  and your BG is
really 105.   I would normally give my self one-unit of insulin to bring my
BG down to 100.  But if it was really 105, it would drop to about 50.  That
would not be good.   This backs up the reason why the FDA is saying that
that the glucowatch is not intended to replace fingersticks.

I see the glucowatch as ideal for situations where someone suffers from
hypoglycemic unawareness, but I don't think the glucowatch is fit for
everyday wear.

As I stated at the start of this email,  I didn't intend to insult anyone,
I just needed to vent my feelings on a device that in my opinion is not all
that it is cracked up to be.   Sometimes someone has to write about the
negative aspects about a popular product.  I believe that all viewpoints on
a product need to be looked at.   If I did insult you, than I am sorry.  And
as always YMMV.

Brian Mozisek
(cringes while waiting for the flames to start)
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