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Re: [IP] I want to vent # 2

>I just called my doctor to see if I could get in ealrier to see him. My
>appointment is at the end of May. I have not seen a single diabetic dctor
>since nov. 99!!
>The secretary  said to me "what do u want me to do? it is not the doctors
>fault you havent seen anyone since then"/
>Well hello, its not my fault!!!  Unless it is an emergency I cant see him any
>sooner. I almost feel like getting a low blood reading and going to emergency
>just so i can see him. Holy WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE NO ONE CARES ABOUT OUR
>I AM SO MAD AND frustrated and feel like I am alone to care for myself.
>I wanna cry I am so mad.............................

LOL!  Sound like our sysytem as well!  Min of three moonths ot rebook with
an endo and GP's are usually a min of a two week wait to see for 5 minutes.

ER usually means a 3-6 hour wait for anthing including profuse bleeding or

You're not alone frustrating as it may be!

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